Ah, the time of HGTV glorification is among us. You know what I’m talking about – where everyone is pretty much Joanna Gaines, where Christina and Tarek’s breakup felt like losing a loved one and where you realize buying a home on an island might not be as far-fetched as we had originally hung it. 

Along with TV’s cute images of perfectly arranged real estate transactions and TV/movie portrayals of the high life of real estate – we look like we are just gliding through life, right? 

As a first year real estate agent, I would love to share some encounters that have only made this career more rewarding. These are the parts they might not mention on TV where everything is going exactly as planned, and the deeper meaning of what real estate has been for me. 

Real estate has been much different than I imagined. I mean, one look at the stack of contracts that I had to become familiar with made me dizzy. 

Only really good jobs cause you to become a better version of yourself. I didn’t dive in expecting real estate to be that. 

Real estate has challenged me to love the process… Whether it be the process of getting ready in the morning or the process of finding the perfect home for my client. Keep in mind – I didn’t say routine. Real estate is very far from routine. Every single day is different. 
Real estate has made me proud and made me love myself more. Now, how could that be? 

As someone who used to fear starting conversations with strangers, my new career was asking me to bless strangers and change their lives. Now that was a game changer. My comfort zone was flying under the radar when I wasn’t dressed to impress – like I had a Sarah I wanted people to notice and then one I prayed people wouldn’t recognize in the grocery store (hoodie and sweats). Real estate has challenged me to be confident in whatever skin I chose to put on that morning. I now choose much more often to be the girl boss Sarah that I am fond of and to still be confident in the grocery store version. Now I’m full of a knowledge that anybody could ask questions about – that in itself is a conversation piece. 

This career has challenged me to step out of thinking of me for a moment and to think of others. I’m not trying to benefit myself or my bank account, but trying to improve the life of others. I know I am good at this, so why wouldn’t I want them to have an easy transaction and find their dream home? I’d simply be selfish if I kept quiet! 

Real estate has humbled me. It has caused me to put pride aside and just ask. I have had SO many questions through this process and if I wouldn’t have asked them, more than a few things would’ve gone wrong. 

Real estate has proved that the work you put in, shows. It motivates me to care about my health and well-being to better benefit my business.

Real estate brings me happiness. 

I am so thankful that it wasn’t the luxurious, high life that I pictured. It’s the BYOTP life. 

Bring Your Own Toilet Paper. 

Those vacant homes with no chairs when you’re in heels and no toilet paper in the restrooms, where you spend your weekends. Those balloons you chase down. The girl that is standing on the side of the road in a pencil skirt kicking her sign into the ground with her stilettos. 

This is real estate – the most rewarding and exciting career I could’ve imagined for myself. 

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